About Barnes Hill

Before its expansion from a handful of villagers, Barnes Hill had the reputation of being the only village which one could not see until he was immediately upon it, unless viewed from the air.

It carries a unique network of tiny roads and it would appear that it might have been deliberately designed this way, not through the lack of development foresight by country planners, but so that every person might receive a warm greeting as he traveled through.

Similarly, as your journey through our website you will feel the same closeness until, invariably, you start to believe that you really know the community or at least have family and a few good friends there.

We will tell you of our present and future plans and introduce you to some of our villagers who are helping to make a difference and to many who have already passed but who have left indelible marks.

We will do all of this in ways that are quaint but beautiful and therefore appealing to all visitors. At the end of the day, you will have no choice but to introduce us to others you meet.

This website will be every bit like the village it represents — little but capable of leaving a big impression.

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