BHCDO announces scholarship programme

Students of theNew Winthorpes primary school say good morning to Shardley and Rupert Ramsey who are working on the west retaining wall.

The Barnes Hill Community Development Organization (BHCDO) on Friday announced that it will be offering a scholarship to “a deserving student” from the Barnes Hill community who would have been successful in passing Common Entrance Examinations  and will be placed in a public secondary school.

The announcement was made following a session in which students and teachers from the school visited the community reservoir restoration project and assisted in cleaning the compound for some two hours.

The award has an annual value of $1,000.00 and the recipient will be selected by the teachers and administrative staff at the school looking at students grades, discipline, general deportment and leadership qualities.

The  recipient will be expected to adhere to strict guidelines and could lose the funding over a severe breakdown of standards.

The offer is expected to be annual which means the BHCDO could be offering $5,000.00 in awards to the school by the time the first recipient is in the final year of secondary education having not repeated a class any year.

Principal Leah Robinson leads by example

Beautiful view around the Barnes Hill reservoir

Grace before meal

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