Fabulous Friday!

Yesterday (Friday) turned out to be a wonderful day for the Barnes Hill Community Development Organization and its workers from the Antigua and Barbuda Skills Training and Empowerment Programme (ABSTEP).

Not only did removal of the old roof from the reservoir begin but the hosts and their employees found the time to put down some cook-up rice, courtesy Ian Stay, some  Ras Ralp Colbourne ital and roasted corn from the agriculture plot.

This was all washed down nicely by a variety of drinks courtesy Jada Joseph and “DA” Andrew. Special thanks to  “Pally” for providing us with the bin for the collection of garbage and ultimate removal of same from the site.

Let’s see what Monday brings.

We are hopeful that much of the silt and other material in the reservoir will be removed during Monday’s work sessions paving the way for a fruitful visit on Tuesday by Engineer Cynthia Laviscount.

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