ABSTEP Steps In…

The Antigua and Barbuda Skills Training and Empowerment Programme has offered its support to the Barnes Hill Community Development Organization’s plans to restore the community reservoir and help create a community tourism park in and around the heritage site

The support includes ABSTEP, through an association with the Antigua and Barbuda One Stop Employment Centre and the World Bank, supplying the community development programme with 10 workers for a period of six months as well as a variety of tools, equipment and material for the project.

Work started in earnest January 23rd, 2017 and The BHCDO is pleased to welcome the the following to the programme — Brian Richards, Javier Barnes, Ralph Colbourne, Jodelle Colbourne, Raldee Reynolds, Jada Joseph, Bubwa James, Devon “Jamie” Hazlewood and Sean Matthew. It is expected that Jeremy Lake will join us shortly.

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